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I didn't get here the way
most people do...

I used to work for an author (still do), in fact, we have been working together for so long we are practically the same person. However, as the workload increased and I became responsible for certain projects entirely, my wonderful collaborator finally said, "Lilly, this work really belongs to you. Don't you think it's time you launched out on your own?"
And so I did.

     But not without concern, as I am quite the shy and unassuming type, and felt perfectly comfortable working away quietly under the shadow of someone else. Besides that, we were a team (a family, really) with two other spectacular personalities working right along with us. Both of whom have been so gracious in helping me to get started that I learned one of life's lovelier lessons from the whole experience.

     Which is that while you may go out adventuring in far off places, a person never truly leaves home, because they carry it right along with them in their heart. And because there are still visits and homecomings, and even the occasional collaboration now and then, I have discovered another rather wonderful thing.

     Following your heart isn't about giving things up or diminishing your life, it's about expanding it. To follow one's heart is like accepting God's plan for your life (instead of your own), and His plans always seem to be so much bigger and better than ours.

     So, I am extremely happy that this little "leap of faith" has brought me so many unexpected and wonderful things. Like a book with my very own name on the cover. And readers like you. Who I can share special moments and ideas with from time to time, whenever you
feel like visiting.

     I hope you will come back often.

Lilly Maytree

A tale of high adventure
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The Pandora Box by Lilly Maytree

The first book with my
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Gold Trap

The first book in the
Stella Madison Capers


Home Before Dark by Lilly Maytree

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