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This is the place where you can learn more about me, my books, and catch a glimpse of the next big adventure on my 2014 MYSTERY TOUR. A trip that is taking the Captain and I north to Alaska in our sailboat the GLORY B. You can follow
along with us over at
 Lilly's Armchair Travelers.

You may also look at my books page to read exerpts, and see what's coming up next, or visit with me on my blog to find out how my current work in progress is coming along. You might
even like to ...

Well, maybe I should just let you look
around for yourself.

New Release!
Gold Trap
Megan Jennings is headed

for high adventure
and divine appointments...
until she makes a small
wrong turn.

This book started Lilly on her true-life adventure of a lifetime.
But will she be able to avoid
the wrong turns?

What people are saying...

"I was almost immediately pulled
 into the fast-paced adventure."
-Melody Williamson

"An intriguing, quirky story
with a delightfully unusual heroine... a Christian
Romancing the Stone."

Home Before Dark
A Stella Madison Caper
Available Now...
Home Before Dark

Keeping your own rules is not
easy when life gets
away from you.
Keeping safe is even harder.

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A Thief in the House
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