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Dear Readers,
   Something happened in Stella Madison's life that she never dreamed could come close to someone as careful as she was. But it did. In fact, if it hadn't been for sheer Providence and the kindness of strangers (who quickly became friends), she wouldn't be here to this day.  Lesson learned: trouble comes to everybody and usually in bunches.

   Now, Stella is an avid believer in helping others in return. Except lightning almost never strikes in the same place twice, so she is forever ending up in the soup of other people's troubles. But she never gives up once she sets her mind to a thing, which often turns into as much hazard as help. Especially in today's economy.

   Still, with the good Colonel Oliver P. Henry  to back her up (who always believes the best of her), Stella is turning into the kind of friend we all wish we had more of. With  an occasional  good piece of advice to share, too. At any rate, looking over her shoulder during some of her capers just might keep you from tumbling into a few of your own. Then again, maybe not. At the very least she is headed for what the colonel calls, "Some rollicking good adventures."

   And I'm inclined to agree. Here's hoping you enjoy each one of them.
   PS... oh, yes, and one more thing. Stella always brings the shadow of someone real along with her, who never fails to add something of value to the entire experience. Which is all I better say about that for right now.

Home Before Dark
A Stella Madison Caper

Here is the first of the Stella Madison Capers, the story of how everything started, and how she escaped from a catastrophe that seemed to come out of nowhere. Which is the nature of catastrophes, but it's so hard to be logical when you're in the middle of one. It's also the story of how she met the colonel (if you're interested in that sort of thing).

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Stella's Long Journey...

(which Lilly and the Captain happen to be following, right now, in
their sailboat the Glory B. Just click on the map to follow along.)

Stella's Map
Lilly and the Captain
More Stella Madison Capers coming soon! Next one up:

The Pushover Plot
July 2014
Sea Trials
As the economy gets tighter and tighter, Stella Madison and her friends decide to pool their resources and move to Alaska.

   So, they set out in a monstrosity of a sailboat, called the Dreadnaught, with an old captain-turned-inventor at the helm, and each one of them signed on as a member of the crew.

  But Stella has never set foot on a boat in her life, and Alaska is over a thousand miles away... through wilderness places.

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A Thief in the House by Lilly Maytree
Stella Madison is back,
this time with a bevy of friends. But just how far should a person go when it comes to sticking by their friends?

There's a thief in the rambling old mansion she moved into. And while it was someone who was quick to lend help when Stella needed it most, how can she possibly return the favor without jeopardizing herself along with them?

No person is obligated to go
that far... right?

Home Before Dark by Lilly Maytree

Home Before Dark is the story of how everything began for Stella. You don't have to read it to enjoy the others, but sometimes it's nice to know how things came to be.

It's available here...

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"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of  your heart."
Psalms 37:4

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